"My deepest passion is to encourage and inspire women to truly love themselves, and believe they are enough.  My desire is to create a safe place of healing, where women can come to dance and move through their emotions, to free the locked up parts that the world would say is "too much," to give space for women to awaken and connect wit their bodies in a deep, sensual, playful and nourishing way." -Rain


Ambitious Living with Lorraine Consolino Montana

A lovely new addition to our location!

Join Lorraine Consolino Montana in her class Femme!  A 90 Minute Experience- Emotion in Motion.  In this class you can breath, dance, rest, play, love, give thanks, and find joy.   Engage in your own natural rhythm. Class held in our beautiful yoga room Lorraine has made into her amazing space for this empowering class!  More information can be found on her facebook page.  Please visit and come be part of the experience!